Bonaire Sailing

What better place could there be to sail than Bonaire?

South of the hurricane belt and nestled in the Dutch Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, Bonaire has long been a safe harbor for on the way to the Panama Canal or just a good place to wait out the hurricane season before heading back up into the Caribbean.

Bonaire MapEven if you're not a sailor you can enjoy sailing for an afternoon, sunset, or even a sailing trip. Try a drift snorkel on the Woodwind, or a snorkel cruise on the Samur, an authentic Thai junk.

Sunset SailThe lovely trade winds of Bonaire will keep your sails full and provide one of the best places to learn to windsurf. Our protected Lac Bay provides calm, shallow waters and constant on-shore winds, and was voted #1 in the August 2000 issue of Windsurf Magazine.

WindsurfingPower yachts and sailboats can take advantage of our large mooring area in Kralendjik harbor, located in the lee of Bonaire outside the capital of Kralendijk. Or they can dock at the Plaza Marina or Harbour Village Marina which boasts lots of amenities. It should be stressed that local Marine Park rules prohibit any anchoring in waters less than 200 feet deep around Bonaire, and as such, use of yacht moorings or marinas is required. Yet, for day trips and excursions, public dive moorings stud the west coast of Bonaire and surround the little island of Klein Bonaire.

Simply said, Bonaire is sailors' paradise.


You may want to visit InfoBonaire for a list of companies that provide sailing, marina information, and boating trips for snorkeling, sailing, glass bottom boating, sunset cruises, champagne, dinners, full moon, and more. And, for the latest tourism news, be sure to read The Bonaire Insider.


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